Instagram photo by David Hoang • Nov 27, 2016 at 9:40pm UTC

Nicos and mini donuts before we spend the day working and avoiding people. 💻🎥⌚️ #Seattle (at Espresso Vivace)

So nice to be home to see this little guy. After this its Destiny for a week before going back to San Francisco. #Seattle

I often feel she is the only one who understands my relentless effort to become the best version of myself, even at the expense of seeing each other. That’s why I cherish mornings like this. #Seattle (at Victrola Coffee Roasters)

#SanFrancisco to #Seattle. Home for a bit then back to SF early next week. #BPXL #travel

Had a really good talk with my friend Laura about wanting to stay “home” more (Seattle) but also traveling a lot for work/speaking and being so far away from people we love. A realization we had was that it wasn’t about traveling and exploring to be away from home, but rather expand the grounds in which we call home—to be a citizen of the world. It’ll be nice to be Seattle for a week or two but then it’s back to San Francisco, Portland, and a return to New York City.

Solar powered cat welcomes new guests. #cats #seattle


The definition of Seattle’ing someone is making plans with a person or event and saying you’ll definitely make it initially.

A few days (usually 2 or 3) before the event you say “I’m excited. I’ll try to make it!”

Six hours before the event you send a text saying that you will try to swing by.

[Event Happens]

The day after you say “Oh I’m sorry I couldn’t make it.”

(Clearly this does not to apply to every person who lives there and does not exclude people outside of the city, but it is part of the city’s reputation now…that people will say “yes” despite wanting to say “no”)

This is my kind of Redeye. Sleeping till Brooklyn. #seattle #newyork

I want to move here. It’s probably near Los Gatos. #seattle #cats #streetart