Found this cool site for computer stands; great name too.

I really enjoy the Kingsman movies; watched both last night. Matthew Vaughn is a brilliant action director.

Which iMac Pro do I need to run Electron apps?

I think I found a new favorite sketchbook and now I don’t know what to believe in anymore.

If you’re a fan of film and podcasts I really recommend **[Double Toasted](**. It’s hilarious and the film criticism is quite great; spent all weekend listening to it.

Thanksgiving with Jessica

Our first Thanksgiving together.

The second generation Apple Pencil is quite nice. I’d love to see in the third generation:

1. Having a round pencil with one flat side is awkward to hold, perhaps all flat like Number 2 pencil.

2. Make the eraser end digitally functional. Double tap is nice, but not natural.

I decided to treat myself to the new iPad Pro. I really love it. When I was in high school I imagined some magical tablet where I could store all my artwork and drawings. It does not get any closer than this.


Just archived every email account I have and starting with a new workflow. Feels good to reset.