Just saw “Alien: Covenant” with my friend Tyten. For me it’s a mix of Prometheus and Alien which I love. Michael Fassbender is brilliant as always. It’s definitely not better than Alien or Aliens, but worth seeing. 

Ridley Scott has achieved so much in his career that if all he wants to do is Alien films until he’s dead, I’ll watch every one. 

I walked into this store and really liked this jacket I’m trying on. I did not realize it but remembered that I lost 35 pounds this year. I didn’t make any changes but little adjustments; cutting soda, walking more, and got a gym membership to work out with my friend/coworker. The motivation as simply to have more energy to be a more effective designer. You have to take care of mind and body. BTW I got the jacket. Happy New Year!

Ideas are very precious to me, and when I see ideas dying, it hurts. I see a tragedy. To me it feels like a moral wrong. It feels like a moral injustice, and if i think there is anything I can do about it, I feel it’s my responsibility to do so. Not opportunity, but responsibility.

Bret Victor