Made my day

Stumbled upon this photo of my aunt and I. This was nine years ago when I was visiting her in San Francisco. It was a good reminder of how much I wanted to live in California.


There are a few interactions in on Mojave that I think are pretty bad. This is probably the worst one. Please take a look and consider adding input.

OS: MacOS Mojave Beta 2

Current Interaction

In the Photos app, hitting the space bar on a thumbnail of a photo will open the image in a large view. Hitting the space bar again will play the Live Photo (if applicable)

Challenges with this interaction

* There is no feedback for photos that have no Live Photo such as screenshots, exported, or downloaded images
* This conflicts with a behavior users are accustomed to with finder, where hitting space bar will open a preview and hitting it again will dismiss it


Revert this interaction back to opening to a large photo on space bar input and dismissing on subsequent input


Human-Centered Design Leadership – UX Scotland

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do a work shop at UX Scotland about Human-Centered Design Leadership. I am truly honored to spend the whole afternoon with a group of experienced and new design leaders talking about some of the challenges and rewards of it.

You can get the slides here

There is still a lot to do before I need to pack for Edinburgh. It’s a nice sense of urgency without the stress. First time in Scotland!

When a review a design portfolio and the person says they are passionate about accessibility but have text as images with no alt text…I am judging.

I wish I could chill as good as my cat does.

Mom: Do you want to talk to Uncle David?

Oliver: Can I talk to Wilson first?

(Animals are top priority in the family!)

Destiny Warmind Expansion: How will you stop a worm god?

Me: Hmmm…I bet a bunch of bullets.

I think Wilson often thinks he’s still that tiny kitten who used to sleep in my arm.