RIP Sister Wendy Beckett

I learned so much about art and history from watching VHS tapes of Sister Wendy Beckett, which nurtured my interest in pursuing the arts (then ultimately design).


Patrick H. Willems

I’ve been recovering from an illness the past few days, and often what I do is sit on the couch and do my best to rest and recover. Since I don’t have cable, I often try to find new YouTube channels to watch new content and explore ideas. From watching the video “What if Wes Anderson directed the X-Men” I discovered the work fo Patrick H. Willems.

His content is great and very thoughtful. In fact, it’s giving me some great ideas about how I structure design narratives by using film as an influence.

Check out his website and Patreon here.

Every time I come back home Wilson always snuggles up like this as if he’s still a tiny kitten. It’s amazing that next weekend is his 16th birthday. Big cats need the biggest snuggles.

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It’s a great design for the decaf Nespresso capsules to have a red dot so you know it’s safe to throw away.

Designer on my team when we realized she dressed like Steve Jobs unintentionally.

I finally watched Deadpool 2. I like the first one more than the sequel. However, Domino was fucking awesome.

I feel @manton would appreciate this. Staying at the W in Los Angeles and went in the hotel gym. The person I was working out next to was Marc Gasol. Wasn’t self-concious at all!

I just started dating someone recently. It’s kind of unbelievable how we actually cross paths again in life, but here we are. I admire how much joy she finds in the small things in life. It’s been truly inspiring.

I really approve of this wine.

I don’t know how I missed that there is a Mac app! So great. Thank you @manton.