If you’re looking for a great mix while working, check out Casio Social Club. So good.

Does anyone else use WordPress for their Microblog setup? I have to be completely honest and have no idea how it works. It seems like at times Microblog will post a truncated post with a link (no image) and other times it’ll show the image inline. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Creation. It’s so different than consumption. I deleted my Facebook the other day, not because simply of privacy concerns as I’m still using Instagram, but the sheer volume of content to consume. I grabbed my ink this evening and started painting again. It’s a way for me to reminisce all those great memories of friends in art school.

Mom: Do you want to talk to Uncle David?

Oliver: Can I talk to Wilson first?

(Animals are top priority in the family!)

Destiny Warmind Expansion: How will you stop a worm god?

Me: Hmmm…I bet a bunch of bullets.