Happy Sunday

In an alternate world, the guitar riff in Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” would get much more praise if it wasn’t competition with the drum solo.

Computational Design and Inclusion

John Maeda describes himself as a Type O Minority, which made me chuckle. He’s got a great point though. Similar to John, I am in a demographic (Asian American Male) who is well represented and have a social responsibility to be inclusive.

So it goes: Prometheus, Alien: Awakening, and Alien: Covenant.

Covenant is released first…

Can’t wait for Alien: Tokyo Drift.

This Alien: Covenant poster looks like an Altered Beast intro.

Happy Birthday, Izzy

We celebrated Izzy’s birthday in the only appropriate way—food and coffee with friends. We worked together at Black Pixel and he quickly became a friend and engineer I really admired and respected. I was really sad when he moved down to San Francisco, but a few years later we are re-united again.