My biggest regret is not pairing my visual arts degree with computer science or math. Oh, how I wish I had a better relationship with math. I had a realization a few years ago that if I ever wanted to become the designer I strived to be, I needed to know how to program. I got too comfortable because I always worked with some of the best engineers in the world and didn’t “have to”.
With their continuous help and encouragement I can forge my own path. I’ve been prototyping in Xcode for the last year or so and am starting to write more Swift on a daily basis. Auto layout used to be a huge fear of mine but now it is a daily practice.

It’s not easy, and requires a lot of sacrifice. I’m trying to keep up with kids younger than me who learned programming at the age I learned d’nealian (remember that shitty handwriting before cursive?).

The only way to remain relevant is to be relentless in continous learning and deliberate practice.