How to fix the Oakland Raiders

Been thinking about how to fix the Oakland Raiders. There’s a lot of work to be done, but here’s what I think would help:

1. Bring Amy Trask back as CEO and head of football operations: aside from Al Davis, nobody knows this team better than her.

2. Trask returning means Reggie McKenzie needs to go as they don’t see eye-to-eye. Ex: Signing Matt Flynn.

3. Get a veteran QB not named JaMarcus Russell to backup Terrelle Pryor. I think Pryor still can be the solution, but he needs a Vince Young or Mike Vick to put the pressure on him.

4. Let Darren McFadden go. Though he is a tremendous player, he is too injury-prone. Would love to see them go after Maurice Jones-Drew, who played high school football in East Bay at De La Salle. I wanted them to go after Marshawn Lynch a few years back.

5. Improve the offensive line and get a blocking Tight End who can catch like Fred Davis, who is a free agent.

6. Draft Tre Mason to form a backfield like Napoleon Kaufman and Tyrone Wheatley like back in the day with him and Rashad Jennings. Oh, also Marcel Reece in that backfield? Nice.

7. Don’t hire Mike Shannahan again.

8. Don’t draft JaMarcus Russell again.

The “David is dreaming and it will probably never happen”…

9. Bring Jon Gruden back as head coach. With Al Davis gone it’ll give him more control of the team and bring back instant credibility to the fan base.