My aunt once told me that I’ll never meet a girl because they will not see anything they can change or have something to point to and say “I got him there.” I am sure she was partially joking and it don’t really agree with that, but tonight I tried a social experiment.

I met a girl tonight and we chatted a bit. Instead of telling her who I really was, such as my job, where I’ve traveled, etc., I just told her another story. I basically pretended to complain about my life and vent, indicating that I wasn’t motivated and didn’t know what to do; just being really negative.

Man, was she hooked on every word. My expression in frustration and unhappiness seemed like a investment in a relationship to her.

Maybe there was some truth to what my aunt said. I’m not saying every woman is like this, but my aunt has some wisdom and more experience in life than I did.