Finding a Personal Assistant

I’ve been looking for a personal assistant for a while, and I often get the same reaction. “Why don’t you just do it yourself and save the money?” The reason is it actually does not save me money because right now my time is more valuable and I need to make the best use of it as possible. Also, I think some people see having an assistant as a status symbol, but that’s not what my intention is. There are two simple reasons why I would want an assistant.

First, my personal life is a mess. I have found a passion for my work and really enjoy spending a lot of time doing it. However, it means that I don’t get personal stuff done, like cleaning, running errands, planning, etc. It took me three months to finally buy a chair in my apartment, and I have yet to get furniture in my Seattle apartment. I just don’t have the time to go shopping after work while focusing on my craft.

Second, and most importantly, it is about paying it forward. My mother and father were assistants to a local doctor when they first immigrated here to the United States. After many years of loyal service, the couple actually bought my parents their first house, paid for the first quarter of my college (as well as my brothers) and ultimately included our entire family in their will.

I would like to do the same for someone else. People keep telling me to look on Craigslist or online services like TaskRabbit, but it is really important for me to build this relationship with one person and to help them out.