So much stuff

I saw a friend post a Buzzfeed post called “40 Things Every Self-Respecting Man Over 30 Should Own” and it kind of set me off. I should be clear it didn’t set me off that she posted it, but just the post itself.

First of all, it’s Buzzfeed. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy some post from Buzzfeed but the reason people like reading Buzzfeed is because you don’t have to really read.

That said, it was not that which set me off, but after looking at that post, I thought “How does someone feel compelled to own 40 possessions?” In fact, why are these things you be have to be self-respecting? The only thing I would agree on that list is a passport.

The idea of owning more possessions just makes me nauseous. I actually would prefer to see a list of 40 things you think you need but can actually get rid of. I live in New York City two weeks in every month and the rest of the time in Seattle. Every time I pack I try to think of things I can get rid of.

Here’s my list of essential things I need:

  • Clothes (Let’s make this one item)
  • Passport
  • My cat
  • Computer (I would argue I do need it because of my profession)
  • Phone (any type)
  • Books
  • Notebooks
  • Cash

I think that’s really it when it comes to essentials. Where I stand right now, I don’t want to own a house, car, boat, or anything like that. I’d prefer to rent to not have to have the burden of ownership.

I love this George Carlin bit on owning stuff. I agree to this 100%.