A heart-felt conversation with Mom

I always have great conversations with my mother, but yesterday’s was particularly great. We were discussing my future and what I wanted to do.

I told her that my dream is to continue to live in a few different cities and live there, not just visit. My goal is to continue living in New York City and Seattle, while adding San Francisco and perhaps London or Paris on the list. I never want to stop traveling and continue to explore new places while re-visiting old ones to re-explore and experience them in different ways. This life will certainly include a lot of design, reading, and cats.

Finally, I hope to find that special person that I can spend my life with. It doesn’t have to be a wife but a life partner who will continue to challenge and inspire me; someone who can help me up when I feel defeated. With all this, there is a big chance that I do not want to have kids.

My mom quietly listens, and says, “You know it will be really hard to find that person, right?”

To find someone who is willing to just pick up her life at a moment’s notice, or to be able to live in multiple cities. That probably means someone with a job that allows that flexibility or no job at all. This will be a tough life because it means being physically far from family a lot.

I quietly respond to her, “I know, Mom…I know.”

The terrifying thing is I don’t think I could live my life any other way, but that means I may have to live it alone. It is nice to know that my mom is supportive of me listening to my heart.