Accepting Death To Live

Had a good conversation with a friend about the plane crash at SFO. He asked me if I am scared to travel after that. I said, “No. If I’m on a plane that crashes, then there is a good chance I will die, and that’s it.” He looked at me puzzled.

This sort of mentality is how I was raised. I remember as a little kid, asking my mom what she would do if Mt. St. Helens erupted again. We grew up near the volcano and my parents immigrated here soon after it erupted in 1980. She simply said, “Well then, we die, and that’s it.”

When you accept that death is a part of life, you will live freely and worry less. It is going to happen, and you don’t know when. The fact that I realize I could die at any point in time without knowing has made me value every moment of life I have now.

Don’t stop flying because a plane crashed.

Don’t stop yourself from traveling somewhere because you heard “it’s dangerous”.

Don’t stop going to coffee shops or movies because there was a shooting.

Don’t stop running marathons because there was a bombing.

You’re going to die. Accept it and start living your life.

Accepting Death To Live was originally published on Flexible Reality