Living in New York City

Here is the thing I have learned about living in New York City after living here for a year and a half. Nobody said it is an easy place to live or that it’s a utopia. If you think that, you are sadly mistaken.

It is a place that will really challenge you and will demand you to do things you didn’t even think you are capable of. Sometimes you’ll think to yourself “I hate this place so much” because of how demanding it is, but it really is just to test your character, identity, and will.

It is a city that will not be forgiving.

Is it the best city? I’ll leave that up to you based on what you are looking for. You’re going to find beautiful cities anywhere you go.

However, if you ever feel like you want to test yourself, I definitely recommend living here for a while. It is quite possible the city will teach you more about yourself than you learning about the city.