I saw some people reacting negatively about some photo of Colin Kaepernick and decided to look it up. Apparently it’s a photo of him flexing and kissing his bicep, which is “Kaepernicking” — similar to Tebowing — a pose. I then saw people post photos of this photo juxaposed next to a photo of Russell Wilson visiting a children’s hospital, as if these two photos had any relation to each other or define’s their personality. it is not like Kaepernick was kissing his bicep AT the hospital.

Another example is a photo of President Obama during hurricane Sandy hugging a woman after the flood. It was juxtaposed to a photo of former President George W. Bush looking out the window of an airplane. If you do a Google (Or Bing. I’ll be fair) image search of “President Bush Hug Katrina” you will get a photo that is nearly identical to that of President Obama hugging the woman at Sandy.

I like President Obama and was not a huge fan of President Bush, but for me, that was not right. Come on now.

My point is I really dislike the mob mentality of the Internet where you have to decontextualize things and use media to manipulate.