Sending this to my new Pen Pal in Ukraine.

Sophia Loren had some curves and body fat back in the day and was (and is) sexy as Hell. Don’t ever feel like you have to be skinny.

I would probably watch a show called Bigger Jaws.

No Meat Till Brooklyn,

My new dream is to open a Beastie Boys themed Vegetarian Restaurant: No Meat Till Brooklyn. Since MCA was a vegetarian I think it makes sense.

Egg Man Omlet
Root Down Saladi
Michelle’s Farm (Special of the day)

Brass Monkey
A “Sure Shot”
Suco de Tangerina

The Scoop

The three course meal would be called the Triple Trouble.

I’m not even vegetarian.

Luna got a new wallet for Christmas with some spending money!

C train arrives and this plays. #brooklyn


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I get what they are trying to say but you can’t fight cancer the same way you can fight depression.



This attitude that many tumblr users have makes me fucking sick.

Finding her attractive is perfectly fine, but this — these comments — is not finding her attractive. It’s placing her on a pedestal for not being thin. It’s objectifying to her because your comments are making her an idol of what a girl should look like. Its no better than what every other beauty industry does. It puts out an image of the ideal that they think women should follow. But just because this is a more achievable goal does not make it any better. Not only is it harmful to the average woman, it’s also incredibly harmful and demeaning to girls who are naturally very small. Just because someone does not look like this picture does not make them less of a human being. Treating plus size women like such does make you a better person. You don’t get social justice brownie points for finding her more attractive, sorry, no, doesn’t work that way. Rant over.

Thank you so fucking much ^^

I think she is perfect.




How to Make a Baby by photographer Patrice Laroche and Sandra Denis, the mother of his new baby daughter Justine.


omg so cute :3

Now this is how you document a pregnancy.